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What are the benefits of selecting an outsourced IT company

People often ask “what are the benefits of selecting an outsourced IT company?” – find out today by reading this article on our blog.

Selecting a dedicated development team is a key to success in the tech world. It takes a fair amount of effort, screening, and running background checks to find the best development team at a lower cost. This is probably why working with offshore companies is a significant task. Despite the challenges, selecting an outsourced IT company to build a website or an app is an efficient approach in a newfound era, and it’s fairly inexpensive. It helps businesses enjoy multiple benefits such as expert handling, time and cost savings, long-term collaboration, and more. 

Interestingly, various large companies and startups have started to realize the importance of hiring dedicated developers. 

Read this article to learn how to build a dedicated development team, and answer the benefits of selecting an outsourced IT company

What is a dedicated development team?

In general, there are two ways for companies to get the software tasks done – either by expanding in-house teams or by selecting an outsourced IT company. Although both are beneficial in their places, the latter is said to have a more positive impact on the efficiency of organizations. An outsourced IT company development team is a partnership model where startups and established companies partner with an offshore software development company.

This allows them to engage an already formed team that integrates with their IT operations. Because the team is trained and competent, they can fully devote themselves to the project while remaining self-directed. The approach of hiring a dedicated software development team is far better than assigning projects to freelancers. This helps to save companies’ wallets when they want to expand the software development team without additional management effort.

What are the roles and responsibilities in a software development team/ outsourced IT company

Hiring individual dedicated developers or a dedicated development team is a prime solution when in-house teams lack the appropriate skills to develop robust software products. Even though a dedicated team has its own administration and management, it can help tremendously in achieving the hiring company’s software goals. Below is a list of the roles and responsibilities they perform.

Benefits of selecting an outsourced IT company

benefits of selecting an outsourced IT company

Business Analyst

Business analysts play a crucial role. BA will be responsible for project definition and clarifying system development requirements immediately after the sale is completed. Their main task is to make the communication between the customer, the dedicated team and software developer company clear and transparent.

Project Manager

Project managers are people who handle the entire software project. The PM role enters the scene after all communication between the customer and team is complete. PM works directly with the dedicated team, manages the workflow, controls the process and motivates the team to work productively.

UI/UX designers

UI/UX designers are responsible for bringing in the creativity. They use wireframes created by customers, draw mockups from them and create designs for application interfaces. They mainly work to improve the user experience by making the software product look good.


The main role is played by the programmers or developers in the team. They translate human languages ​​into the languages ​​that computers and technical devices understand, through coding. They work at different levels including junior, middle and senior.

Quality assurance

As the name suggests, people in this profile are tasked with ensuring the quality of software products. They run tests, assess the app flow and identify bugs and errors in the applications to report them to the development team for remediation.

what are the benefits of selecting an outsourced IT company

Marketing specialists

Marketing specialists are people who take care of the end game of software development. They conduct market research, prepare strategies for the campaign and advertise the products on appropriate platforms to generate leads. Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing are some core techniques in marketing.

Reasons for choosing the dedicated team model

Honestly, hiring a dedicated software development team has its own pros and cons. However, as the pros outweigh the cons, most large companies today choose to work with dedicated development teams. Here are the top reasons why and the benefits of selecting an outsourced IT company

High concentration

Unlike project-based outsourcing, a dedicated team model helps companies eliminate potential distractions. The hired team is dedicated to the assigned project and will not be swayed by the competition of other clients. They put all their focus and dedication on completing the project with flying colors.

Cost efficiency

Planning to hire a team of dedicated developers from an outsourced IT company greatly reduces recruitment and management costs. In addition, companies can draw on a large pool of talent. By screening the dedicated software teams from around the world, the companies can invest in the one that is convenient to work with. Asian and Eastern European software development teams are the best examples.

Direct management

Yes, most of the time the dedicated development team is self-managed, but the hiring companies are allowed to have full control over the project. You can communicate with the team, evaluate the workflow and measure the progress of the task.

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