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How to choose the right software development company – 5 Big Questions

knowing how to choose the Right Software Development Company for you will bolster business. Choosing fintech companies to develop an application for your business is always complex. Knowing that a tech company is top and has great notoriety is not enough. It is essential to be a suitable partner for you – able to develop specific projects for your business. In this article you will find out how to choose the right software development company.

Therefore, we have designed a list of 5 questions to determine the most important criteria when choosing the company to develop your fintech solution.

The financial industry has several peculiarities, and consequently, the digital projects developed about them (for example, high level of performance or high-security requirements). In other words, experience developing software solutions is essential but insufficient.

One method to verify a company’s experience in developing software solutions for the financial industry is the portfolio (which usually contains case studies of what they have done in the past).

Case studies, testimonials, and reviews on specialized websites are also suitable sources of information to understand the company’s performance level and for which industries the company has developed software solutions. These sources of information will help you choose the right software development company

How to choose the right the right software development company for you

You have decided, by and large, which company you want to work with. But does it have enough resources to develop the right solution for your company?

By resources, we mean a diverse team of employees with experience and certifications in the field (developers, UX/UI designers, etc.), access to modern technologies, etc. So, answer the question, how to choose the right software development company?

#1 Does The company have employees with experience and certifications?

To obtain an outstanding, very good result, your project needs experienced people, who have worked on similar projects before, mastered the latest technologies, and can quickly adapt to dynamic requirements.

#2 Do they have a diverse team?

Rarely does a project need only development. From UX/UI designers to QA and project managers – the partners you choose must be able to offer you a complete team.

The software development company must have a diverse team of specialists to cover your business’s needs.

Thus, the software development company must have mobile application developers/website developers / a UX team/testing, and a customer management team.

#3: What market segments have the prospect business partner developed software solutions for?

You know better than anyone that every market has its own rules. Running a business means creating products or services that meet specific requirements and, very importantly, understanding the needs of clients/consumers. The software company you decide to work with should do the same.

How to Choose the Right Software Development Company for you

Choosing the right software development company for your business

#4: What technologies does the software company use to develop fintech solutions?

When a company uses words like “modern/latest generation technologies,” it’s always a good sign.

But is it enough? Modern technologies must also adapt to the specific requirements of your project.

What effect can it have when choosing the wrong technology? If the project manager does not have enough experience in developing fintech solutions, there is the possibility of choosing technologies starting from personal preferences or following trends. However, by choosing the wrong technology to build the solution, you can expect major short-term errors, long-term blockages (difficult integrations that reduce the possibility of expanding functionalities, etc.), and extra costs.

How will choosing the right technology help you? Launching (on time) a functional and intuitive application can help your company stand out from the competition and customers to be more involved in the relationship with your business. Practically, you will have the solution delivered in a final form without investing time and effort or allocating internal resources to the detriment of the main business objectives.

How to choose the best software development company for business

#5: With what security measures does the web or mobile application project?

The more technology evolves and is diverse, the greater the cyber-attack risks. Fintech software solutions are the most exposed to security risks. Therefore, cyber security must be a priority when a solution is developed.

Therefore, ask the company for more details about the security measures they will take concerning the solution. Hope this articles about how to choose the best software development company for business was the right fit for you. Check out the rest of the articles on our blog, and visit our Linkedin


In this article you learned how to choose the right software development company for your business. We hoped this helped!

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