October 12, 2019
Software development and maintenance
smart air grup

About The Project

MOVE (formerly Travelyo) is a startup challenger offering a turnkey solution to media, consumer brands and
travel companies so they can sell the next generation of leisure travel to their existing customers.

Regional offices in Raanana, Israel, Lisbon, Portugal and Cape Town, South Africa.

Move is a booking platform, where you can search for flights, hotels and car rental. One interesting thing that
this platform does is that it separates your flight routes and tries to find you the best option in terms of cost.

For example, if you want to fly from Paris to Bucharest and select flights only, you may find only the most
expensive flights. Instead, Move will search for both return and one-way flights, finally giving you the best cost

Services provided: software development.
The application is mainly made in PHP Symfony.

Year of partnership: 2018